We calculate your Google Ads score so you know where you stand and how far you are from having highly optimized and well-performing Google Ads campaigns. For doing so we analyze your campaigns and detect if there are Google Ads actions you are not performing already, missing opportunities, underperforming keywords and campaigns, low-quality scores, and many more aspects, and provide you with one tip per thing we detect you could improve. We also organize tips depending on their potential impact on your Google Ads performance and score. Our score scale goes as it follows:0-50 %A score lower to 50 means we detected quite a few things that could be improved and optimized in your Google Ads campaigns. You shouldn’t worry if you get a low score, that’s why we’re here, to help you get this show on the road! 50-85 %A score going from 50 to 85 means you are on the right track but there’s still some room for improvement so you save money and get better results.85-100 %A score higher than 85 means you’re doing a really good job so far with your Google Ads campaigns and keep them rather optimized. However, you shouldn’t let your guard down as Google Ads campaigns optimization should be a continuous process as they’re never fully optimized.