How do I enter my Clever dashboard? The dashboard will be accessible once we have successfully created the campaigns for you. There are 2 ways of log into the dashboard: 

The first way is once we have finished the campaign creation process, we will send you an email informing you that your campaigns are ready and a link where you can click to get redirected to the dashboard. 

The second way to log into the dashboard is by opening our app through the back office of the store where you installed our app. It should be somewhere in the section of "Apps", "Modules" or "Plugins" depending on each platform.

How does the dashboard work? Once you have access to the dashboard you will that it is divided into 4 main sections where you can perform different actions as if it were a flow

"Home page" section"

"Create" section"

"Measure" section"

"Optimize" section

You will also see 3 icons in the low left part of the sections:

Notifications icon

Settings icon

Support icon