In the fourth step of our configuration process, we ask you to provide us with some headlines and descriptions. The headlines and descriptions you provide us will be included in your ads, so it’s really important that you choose them wisely. Displaying great ads will have a huge (and positive) impact on the number of clicks you get from the audiences you reach! That’s why we’ve collected some tips from our Google Ads experts that will help you come up with those catchy headlines and descriptions: Keep it simple and direct. Think of your audience and mention the benefits they will get from your business. Highlight the most important information in the headlines. Write a clear description and provide additional information regarding your offers. Add Calls to Action that tell your audience what to do next such as “Shop Now,” “Learn More” or “Buy Now.” This will help you increase the CTR of your ads! And remember, the most important thing when writing your headlines and descriptions is to be creative and describe what makes your business different from the others.