As a Premier Google Partner we are allowed to freely distribute promotional codes for Google Ads. However, there are some criteria you must first meet in order for the credit to appear in your account:

  • You will need to enter a valid payment method in your account before entering your code. Otherwise, your offer will be invalidated and the amount lost;

  • You cannot have any additional promotions applied to the same account; and

  • The promo codes applied by Clever Ads are for new advertisers only. You are eligible for promotional credit if you: (A). Are new to Google Ads and your first ad impression was served from your first Google Ads account, no more than 14 days before you enter your promotional code; or (B). Are an existing Google Ads customer and you enable a new feature or product, or reactivate an inactive account.

Important note — in order to receive your promo code, you must first spend a certain amount of your own funds (based on your billing country) within the first 60 days of creating a new account.

The promo codes terms and conditions can vary by country, however, your account must be billed in a country where Google Partner Promotions are offered in order to receive the code. If you want to see the general terms and conditions that specifically apply to your country click here.

If you have another Google Ads coupon code or voucher, and you would like to apply it instead — you can also use it for your Clever Campaigns. Just remember, you are not allowed to use more than one promotional code per account.