• Metrics/Graphs

On your dashboard, you’re able to select the metrics that are most important to you and you want to receive when you ask your bot in the Slack or Microsoft Teams chat for metrics. You can also ask your bot to show you an evolution graph of the metric you want by typing “graph.” 

  • Monthly Comparison

You can ask your bot to compare the performance of a specific metric that interests you between two months. 

  • Scheduled Reports

Have the choice to receive summaries daily/weekly and either make them public for your team to see or for your eyes only. 

  • Keyword Reports

You can receive a report with the top keywords that sparked the most conversions. You can choose to activate or deactivate this report on your dashboard.

  • Alerts

On your dashboard, you can configure your own custom alerts to receive when your selected metrics hit your personal thresholds. You can configure as many alerts as you want, and the bot will notify you in the chat when the thresholds are met.

  • Tips

We will provide tips on improvement for your Google Ads strategy upon your request. We can give advice on your campaigns such as adjusting its budget, modifying its target, and more.

  • Smart Reports

Receive automatic reports every month in your chat in PDF format. In-depth monthly reports that beautifully display metrics and growth of your advertising campaigns.